I'm online !

Jun 01, 2022
2 minutes

This is not me, i swear!

Hello there

Welcome to the first release of this website, i’m sure it will change over the months, but I’m quite happy with the first version (I’m not very into web development). This website has been created using 11ty , a simple static site generator. The theme is inspired by the popular Chirpy theme for Jekyll.

Why did I decide to create a website with blogging functionality?

The main reason is that I want a public space to set my goals, track my progress and be more disciplined. This is a kind of self-journaling, i believe in self-improvement via the public committment. There is no way to add comments to posts (honestly, currently i don’t have time to add the feature), if you want to get in touch write me an email.

What would I like to write about ?

I don’t have a schedule and I won’t. This is a free space, mainly I would like to write about my goals, what I am learning, doing or reading. I would also love to write about my finance and investments because I’m sure it would help me focus more (due to public humiliation) and learn more, but it would be time-consuming.

What i’m doing right now

I’m enrolled in the course The Science of Well-being, from Yale University hosted for free on coursera. I’ve read a lot of positive feedback on the internet and i’ve currently finished the first week. I plan to finish the course within June.

P.S. the image is in no way related to the content, sometimes i'll add random images or pictures i like from my past travels.