I’ve been in mobile development since 2012 when I first opened my Android developer account. These are my personal projects, active and currently in development.

Castmix is a podcast and radio player, supported by ads and in-app purchases. It's made with a clean and simple interface, following the design of Google Material3.

Pixel / Pixel+ is an advanced music player, it supports online radios and integrates a customizable equalizer. Pixel offers two different version: a free version supported by ads/in-app purchases and a pro version with more features and no ads.

Walpix is an unlimited catalog of wallpapers, created using the unsplash API, supported by ads and in-app purchases. It offers some cool features, such as automatic wallpaper change.

Easy Japanese (also available on the Web at, designed for smartphones) is a simple application, made using Flutter, to memorize Japanese alphabets (Hiragana and Katakana). I created this project for personal use, to track my progress and practice translating.